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Viscoelastic Total Disc Replacement - VTDR

Why VTDR? Viscoelastic total disc replacement, or VTDR, restores normal range of motion of the spine segment and ensures the necessary stability of the affected motion segment while simultaneously providing cushioning for safety and is the best way to restore the spine and return motion like that of the natural disc. 

The VTDR Viscoelastic total disc replacement works naturally with the spinal facet joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons to restore the best natural function and motion just like a healthy spine.

Which Disc Replacement Implants offer this?

Lumbar ESP Disc Replacement

ESP Disc Replacement
The ESP disc replacement is made of 2 titanium alloy end-plates and an elasto-meric cushion. The spikes on the end-plates outer surfaces improve primary fixation in combination with a hydroxyapatite (HA) coating on top of a T40 rough surface.

M6 Disc Replacement

M6 Disc Replacement
Unlike early Disc Replacement designs, the M6 artificial disc replacement  is designed to replicate the structure and performance of a natural disc. Its innovative design incorporates a viscoelastic artificial nucleus to allow shock absorption and a woven fiber annulus for graded variable motion resistance in all directions.

The M6 Disc Replacement Advantage >

Freedom Disc Replacement

The Freedom Disc Replacement
The Freedom® Lumbar and Freedom® Cervical Discs were developed and designed by a first-class team of spine surgeon partners, engineers, and expert scientists in biomechanics, pathology, spine surgery and polymer science.

Baguera Disc Replacement

Baguera Disc Replacement
Shock Absorption: The shape of the inferior plate and the PE nucleus are designed to enable absorption of shocks and vibrations.
Mobile or Fixed Nucleus: The BAGUERA® allows the surgeon to choose the mobility of the nucleus intraoperatively, without changing the superior or inferior plates.

"These advanced disc replacement implants have allowed us to achieve a successful outcome rate in excess of 99%"
Dr. Karsten-Ritter-Lang Disc Replacement Surgeon

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